Who Are We ?

Nevicom SA was founded in 1999 and it is currently positioned as the main video conferencing system integrator and audiovisual in Swiss Romande. Since 2010, Nevicom SA also delivers mobile video solutions, operational video, streaming video and IPTV, video management business (“YouTube” for companies ), dynamic display. Nevicom SA offers consulting, pre-sales engineering, installation, after sales service and the ” cloud ” with Liveconf. Nevicom SA it is also a team of 10 experts in video collaboration and communuication field, which are based in Swiss (Geneva), in USA (Baltimore) and Romania (Bucharest).

Nevicom Team

Isaac Newton said, “When two forces are joined, their efficiency is twofold. “Nevicom SA team is made of sales, project manager and technical experts reunited to offer you a high quality services. Nevicom SA is not just a team, it is first of all, expertise, trust and reliability.

Alexandre Lopez – Director

– Cisco Videoconference Solution Architect
– Audiovisual Expert and Consultant
– Videoconferencing Solutions Sales Consultant
Senior AV project manager

Etienne Gueye – Sales & Marketing Manager

– Responsible of future trends development
– Acquisition of new technology partnerships
– Head of sales

Victor Morales – Project Manager

– Audiovisual project manager
– Specialist Digital Signage (Appspace, Datapath, Adriane)

David Torres – AV Technician

– AV Technician
– AV support 1st and 2nd level

Geoffrey Favario – Videoconference Engineer

– Cisco certified
– Vidyo certified
– Network engineer

Patrick Oliveira – AMX Programmer & Project Manager

– AMX certified programmer I, II and III
– AV project manager

Mark Pearlstein – US Country Manager

– Inside Sales
– Manager ARRAY Solution

Frederic Mulumba – Inside Sales (Romania) 100%

– Inside sales
– Customers helpdesk for liveconf services
– Adminisitration and creation of accounts on liveconf.net

Francesca Mulumba – Marketing development

– Marketing development
– Customers Helpdesk



Cisco is a key player in internet technologies and telecommunications. Cisco is a recognized leader in unified communications areas and since 2010, they acquired Tandberg, a global leader in video conference.



Vidyo offers software and visual communication solutions. The VidyoConferencing solutions of the company are the first in the industry of video conferencing using the H.264 SVC for video compression, “Scalable Video Coding or SVC”. Vidyo also implements video and phone calls from Gmail and Vidyo, who are used for the Hangouts feature.



Liveconf is a company based in Geneva which offers the “Video as a Service” solution in cloud, the video collaboration in Virtual Room or in P2P, recording, streaming and video on demand. All on a single platform VaaS. Liveconf provides interoperability between video conferencing and Skype for Business (formerly Lync) and Skype, but also a connection from any device (Mac, Windows, tablet and smartphone).



AMX Corporation is the world leader in advanced technology of control and automation systems for commercial and residential markets. AMX products allow users to manage and control a variety of audio / video technologies, environment and communication. AMX products can be used in conference rooms, homes, classrooms, network operation / command centers, hotels, entertainment venues, broadcast facilities.



Extron Electronics, Extron Electronics is a manufacturer of professional audiovisual equipment: video and computer interfaces, switching and distribution of audio and video signals on the In 2004, Extron has entered the control displays systems market.



Kramer Electronics is a company that designs, manufactures and distributes signal management products for analog and digital video signals, audio signals, computer graphics video signals and control signals that are used in professional audiovisual, distribution, production and residential AV markets worldwide.



Barco is a global technology company that designs and develops video projectors, covering all the areas concerned, for different professional markets: entertainment and business, health, industries and administrations, control rooms aerospace and defense.



NEC is a giant Japanese industrial of IT and telecommunications which is very present in this market. Nec also provides solutions regarding the IT infrastructure, unified communications and communications platforms.



PANASONIC and SAMSUNG are major electronic distributors (broadcast cameras, laptops,TVs) but also in equipment such as cables and lighting.



Pexip is a multinational based in Oslo, which develops unified communications software for the human collaboration through the usage of video technology, audio and web communication.The platform named Infinity, is a software which combines the power of server virtualization to create only distributed conferencing solutions for companies and service providers.



Add-On is a specialist in the improvement of communication and information sharing within your company. It offers various solutions such as digital signage to customize the distribution of information into your business or Resource Central to integrate, from Outlook, appointment planning solutions, booking rooms, audiovisual equipment or restoration.



VBrick Systems offers a complete solution for the management and distribution of video and other streaming media over any network, to any device. In 2015, VBrick joined the Cisco ecosystem (Solution Partner Program) and replaces the offer Cisco Show and Share.



Vaddio is a world major manufacturer of PTZ plan, professional audiovisual solutions and a full range of unified communications and collaboration for audiovisual to videoconferencing. Vaddio has developed USB technologies which allow fully integrated audio visual room to I’IT.



Mersive is a leading provider of wireless media streaming and collaboration software for the company. Mersive Solstice Software allows any number of users to simultaneously stream content from computers, tablets and phones to any display – Wireless.



Arbor Media provides software solutions for recording and webcasting audio and video signals for broadcast and conference purposes.



Via Direct offers Digital Signage Solutions for your company. ViaDirect solution is tailored to each location, with 8 different versions: Mall, Store, City, Culture, Exhibition, Medical, Transportation Building.



Navori is a Digital Signage specialist partner and a leader in this industry. Navori offers solutions for   management  system and broadcast your visual messages easily and quickly.

The Team Nevicom present everywhere